Thursday, May 20, 2010

Road Trip to Bass Pro Shop, Louisville Kentucky

My Honda ACE (American Classic Edition) was a beautiful motorcycle. I bought the bike from my brother Donnie who lives in Texas. I drove to Louisville Kentucky with my two sons Daniel and David to meet my brother and pick up the bike.

The boys still talk about that trip today. I drove a Chevy Avalanche Truck at the time. I put the back seat down and let them camp out in the bed of the truck which had a hard top cover over it. They had a flashlight, some games probably their Nintentdo DS and their sleeping bags. It was an adventure, especially when the tail gate flew open while going down the interstate.

We had never been to Bass Pro Shop, we met my brother there got lunch , looked around the Multi-story building at all the hunting and fishing gear. We played in the shooting gallery watched the trout in the artificial stream and the largemouth bass in the tanks. It was tons of fun. We loaded the motorcycle in the trailer and headed home to Ohio.

Our lives are not about arriving at a final destination but the journey along the way and the stories we tell of those journeys. What adventurous journey are you on today?

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